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Get fast, thorough analytics and reporting from all the data in your SAP Business One ecosystem

ZAP Data Hub is the fastest, most cost-effective way to gain access to all of the standard, custom and extended data from SAP Business One, Independent Software Vendors and customers’ other related data sources. Deliver accurate, trusted Business Outcomes to your business with pre-modeled and automated access, integration and preparation of SAP Business One data, replacing time-consuming manual, inefficient and inaccurate processes.


Pre-built and fast to deploy

Financial and operational analysis can be automated via ZAP’s smart data connectors, pre-built data model and analytics. It automates the access, integration, and preparation of your ERP data, and helps when upgrades from one version to another are required, too. It’s also the fastest, most cost-effective solution on the market.

Report from all versions…

ZAP Data Hub is optimized for all modern versions of SAP Business One (on-premise or cloud) as well as SAP Business One for HANA, and works with all of its key capabilities: financial management, sales & customer management, and purchasing & inventory control.

Deep integration

Through deep integration with the SAP Business One API, ZAP Data Hub also eases the burden on IT teams thanks to: Automated company database/endpoint merging… Functionality specifically designed to handle customized systems… User-friendly captions for tables, columns and enumeration fields… Multiple language support for numerous key elements.

Reduce the “reporting burden” on IT

SAP Business One ERP information can drive the success of a business. Using ZAP Data Hub to automate the access, integration, and preparation of this data for faster reporting and analysis increases ROI on your software investment. It also removes the need for coding, scripting or consultancy when reports are required.

Removing the risk of human error

Manual data processing brings a significant risk of human error. It can also lead to key-person dependencies. Instead, data correctness, data consistency, and data quality are facilitated by ZAP Data Hub’s smart metadata extractions and detections.

Richer, cross-functional analysis

ZAP Data Hub integrates perfectly with the SAP Business One ecosystem and handles data equally well from ISV solutions as from the main application. It can also manage data from multiple instances of Business One. All of which enables richer, cross-functional analysis.

Tableau on ZAP:

“ZAP’s software brings instant reporting and cross-functional analysis to Tableau users, without the need for lengthy, expensive, manual and script-based data warehousing projects or data wrangling tools.” – Ed Dolman, VP Partners EMEA

Report from all ERP, CRM and finance systems

ZAP Data Hub has solutions and smart connectors for many popular back-office business systems including Microsoft Dynamics, Salesforce, Sage, and SYSPRO. Plus over 50 data connectors for other ERP, CRM, accounting and marketing systems, databases and files, enabling businesses to report across all their data.

Cloud and on-premise systems reporting

Whether a business is running SAP Business One in private cloud or on-premises, data is always accessible thanks to ZAP Data Gateways. And it is just as easy to access data from other cloud and on-premises sources for reporting. Regardless of the IT landscape, ZAP Data Hub delivers accurate, trusted business reporting.

Better outcomes and insights

ZAP Data Hub for SAP Business One has three sets of optional, pre-packaged analytics: for Tableau, Power BI and within ZAP Data Hub’s own integrated fully-fledged analytics platform. With Tableau, for example, ZAP Data Hub can publish and keep data to Tableau Server and keep data in synch.
Test out our Power BI resources for SAP Business One for free on Microsoft AppSource!

On-premises for full control

Already have an IT team, with existing systems, servers, and processes? If so, you will benefit from an on-premises deployment of ZAP Data Hub, providing complete flexibility and full control.

Software as a Service

‘Super-charged’ and easier to purchase, deploy and maintain, a SaaS deployment of ZAP Data Hub allows you to completely free your IT department from application and infrastructure maintenance tasks.

Hybrid SaaS

Benefit from the self-maintaining ZAP application in the cloud as well as a Bring-Your-Own data warehouse platform for complete ownership, management and administration of your data.

“ZAP Data Hub increases ROI and insight from business intelligence software. Business leaders can analyze data from multiple systems and data sources on one screen – either in Power BI or Tableau.”

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